About Us

Propertee Butler is the brainchild of Ian McLeod who has been involved in the property industry for 20 years and has experience on the ground floor of residential buildings. Ian has a passion for helping people and believes positive relationships and a safe environment are crucial factors in the successful running of any property, whether that be an apartment building or a short-stay rental property. However, prior to Propertee Butler, communication seemed to be the one aspect that lacked consistency and was evidently prohibiting that successful result.


The lightning bolt moment that sparked the beginning of Propertee Butler occurred when Ian encountered a couple of young residents who were unaware that the windows of their apartment were being washed. This was despite a multitude of signs and notices that hung around the building - one being right behind them in the elevator. He observed how they were instead on their phones checking texts and social media. Ian thought if they’re opening messages and opening Instagram, why wouldn’t they open an app with the apartments noticeboard?

From here, the thoughts snowballed. If all communication took place on an app, it could go beyond just an online noticeboard. It could be the central hub for all information – from legal documents, instructions on how the building runs, the maintenance process, to maps and information on third-party businesses like local gyms or dog-walkers. Using Propertee Butler essentially means that important messages can get out to every resident instantaneously.

Core values


If people cannot feel safe in their home, where can they? Propertee Butler will allow for maintenance issues to be promptly dealt with, as well as allowing for communication when needed.


We value peoples time and understand that life is already stressful without the pain of a poor living situation. We want to make life as easy as possible.

Honesty and Transparency

Propertee Butler allows for open and upfront communication which is key to a positive building environment.


Creating both positive relationships and a positive residential experience is a priority at Propertee Butler and is what will make life better for everyone.

Helpful and Informative

Have all the information, documents and tools you need to live your best life.


Bridging the gap between all parties involved in a property is at the heart of Propertee Butler’s mission.

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A glimpse into the future

Just like life, the goal for Propertee Butler is to keep changing and moving forward. The team works closely with clients to help innovate the future as they have ideas as to what can be put into the system, so this is an ongoing conversation.

The ultimate vision is to have every resident in New Zealand on the app to ensure lives are made easier, relationships are nurtured, and safer environments exist.
Ian and the team will continue to update and improve the app for the residents’ experience, and to continue leading the way in the Proptech (Property Technology) industry.

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