Propertee Butler becomes a real-time virtual holiday assistant for homestay/BnB/HH owners and their customers:

  • Ability to load videos instructions with directions to a property to avoid someone getting lost

  • Upload photos of the Homestay for easy recognition

  • Mobile app version

  • No need to try to find multiple emails – all communication is on the app

  • Prevents any feeling of insecurity from the customer as Propertee Butler becomes the primary communication tool


Propertee Butler becomes a virtual building manager ensuring residents the best possible service by offering:

  • An induction pack

  • One place for access to tenancy agreements and AGM minutes

  • Emergency signaling at the press of a button

  • Reduces confrontation due to level of communication on the app

  • Encourages tenant self-management as they have easy access to questions via Propertee Butler



Propertee Butler becomes an integrated virtual communication tool by offering:

  • The ability to consolidate all App’s into Propertee Butler

  • Emergency signaling to teams, ensuring health and safety compliance

  • Ability for real-time staff registration

  • Community advertising and engagement

Each module also includes:

  • In-app chat and messaging – private and group

  • Payment systems

  • User profiles

  • Real-time notification

  • Digital registration

  • File storage


Request a demonstration here to take a virtual look at Propertee Butler in action. Full training and support will be provided whether that’s over the phone, onsite, video or chat. We don’t leave you alone.

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